Angiuli Nero di Troia

Angiuli Nero di Troia

Nero di Troia is a native Apulian grape variety with a thick, polyphenol-rich skin. From a careful manual selection of the grapes and a long maceration, this wine develops a lively and intense colour, an elegant bouquet with notes of violets, black cherries and spices. Fresh in taste and yet rich in polyphenols and tannins.


PGI Puglia

Alcoholic content

14,00% Vol.

Grape variety

100% Nero di Troia

Geographical position of the vineyard

Castel del Monte

Soil type



Apulian pergola, approx. 2,000 plants per hectare

Yield (grapes per hectare)

150 quintals


manual, following the ideal maturation points

Harvest Time



gentle pressing of the grapes, maceration with lauter bottom and fermentation at controlled temperature for 10 days

Maturation and refinement

matured in steel, marketed one month after bottling

Sensory perception

lively wine with intense colour; elegant bouquet with notes of violet, black cherry and spices. Fresh on the palate, but rich in polyphenols and tannins

Bottle size

Bordeaux uvag 75 cl cork

Gastronomic combination

Excellent with tasty starters, lamb and cheese

Recommended glass

medium size tulip


10-12° C