Adelphòs Rosato

Adelphòs Rosato

Puglia is one of the most suitable areas for the production of rosé wines. This rosé surprises with the liveliness and nuance of its pale pink colour and the intense aroma and freshness typical of the grapes from which it comes.
Thanks to its natural freshness and its fine, tangy taste, it goes very well with the typical dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.


PGI Puglia

Alcoholic content

11,50% Vol.

Grape variety

100% Bombino Nero

Geographical position of the vineyard


Soil type



Apulian pegola, approx. 2,000 plants per hectare

Yield (grapes per hectare)

100 quintals


manual, following the ideal maturation points

Harvest Time

End of September


cryomaceration of the grapes for 48 hours, pressing with destemming and temperature-controlled fermentation

Maturation and refinement

matured in steel, marketed one month after bottling

Sensory perception

The slightly sparkling, sweet wine is pale pink with violet reflections; in the nose complex aromas of white flowers, orange and honey; it has a good, pleasant structure with natural freshness

Bottle size

borgognotta high white 75 cl cork

Gastronomic combination

Excellent as an aperitif, with starters and fish dishes

Recommended glass

medium size tulip


10-12° C