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  • Adelphòs Greco

    This wine is obtained exclusively from Greco grapes through white wine vinification. It is a typical expression of this old and noble Apulian grape variety. The wine is characterised by a full aroma and a delicate minerality and goes excellently with fish dishes and dishes with cream cheese.

  • Adelphòs Novello

    For our ADELPHOS NOVELLO we only use wine obtained from the carbonated maceration of whole grapes at a controlled fermentation temperature. The fruits are picked by hand in small crates. In manual harvesting, only whole, undamaged grapes are selected that are suitable for the production of patially fermeted new wine.
    This process makes it possible to obtain a fresh wine with clear, clearly fruity aromas. Excellent with all autumn dishes and chestnuts.

  • Adelphòs Primitivo

    Our family has been producing this wine for three generations from old Primitivo clones.
    We use only the best grapes, harvested by hand. The maceration time is 15 to 20 days in stainless steel containers. For the fermentation process we use local yeasts. All this to intensify the typicality and unique aroma.

  • Adelphòs Rosato

    Puglia is one of the most suitable areas for the production of rosé wines. This rosé surprises with the liveliness and nuance of its pale pink colour and the intense aroma and freshness typical of the grapes from which it comes.
    Thanks to its natural freshness and its fine, tangy taste, it goes very well with the typical dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Adelphòs Verdeca

    White wine with a sweet character, light and lively, obtained from the vinification of only white Verdeca grapes. Typical, light wine, traditionally drunk with fish dishes, but also a very pleasant aperitif.