Adelphòs Novello

Adelphòs Novello

For our ADELPHOS NOVELLO we only use wine obtained from the carbonated maceration of whole grapes at a controlled fermentation temperature. The fruits are picked by hand in small crates. In manual harvesting, only whole, undamaged grapes are selected that are suitable for the production of patially fermeted new wine.
This process makes it possible to obtain a fresh wine with clear, clearly fruity aromas. Excellent with all autumn dishes and chestnuts.


PGI Puglia

Alcoholic content

13,50% Vol.

Grape variety

100% Negroamaro

Soil type



low trellis

Yield (grapes per hectare)

100 quintals


manual, following the ideal maturation points

Harvest Time



soft pressing of the grapes, maceration with lauter bottom and fermentation at controlled temperature for 10 days

Maturation and refinement

matured in steel, marketed one month after bottling

Sensory perception

ruby red colour with balanced tannins, spicy scent and pronounced body

Bottle size

burgognotta high uvag 75 cl cork

Gastronomic combination

Excellent with roasts, game and mature cheese

Recommended glass

large glass


16-18° C