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  • Maccone Maresco Bianco

    Only MARESCO grapes are used for the white wine vinification, an old vine from the Itria valley that we have rediscovered.
    A wine of great originality, characterized by intense citrus notes, a pronounced acidity and pleasant spiciness.

  • Maccone Moscato Secco

    Obtained from white wine vinification of the grapes of old Muscat Blanc clones, which we harvest by hand in the early morning hours.
    We produce this wine only in years with a correspondingly favourable climate, which favours the production of this dry aromatic wine with a pleasant acidity.

  • Maccone Negroamaro Bianco

    This wine, obtained by vinification of only black Negroamaro grapes, combines the body of a classic Negroamaro with the fresh acidity and aromas of white wine. A wine of great originality and versatility.

  • Maccone Primitivo

    Made from Primitivo grapes from old alberello vines.
    Harvested exclusively by hand; only those grapes are harvested that can best emphasize the character of the Primitivo.

  • Maccone Primitivo Dolce

    For this wine we only press primitivo grapes from old alberello vines. They are harvested manually and carefully selected. This wine is produced only in certain vintages and bottled in limited quantities.

  • Maccone Primitivo Rosato

    This rosé is obtained from Primitivo grapes by white wine vinification.
    The grapes come from old vineyards with Alberello vines.
    The best grapes are harvested manually. In this way we can optimally produce the special features of an excellent Primitivo-Rosé wine.

  • Maccone Rosato 17

    The grapes are obtained from old clones of black berries from an old vineyard raised in Alberobello and harvested by hand.
    This wine is produced only in certain vintages and is only available in limited quantities.

  • Maccone Rosso 17

    The production of this wine requires three clones of grapes and three generations of history and experience. In very limited quantities and only bottled in certain vintages, it is obtained from vinification of local vine clones with very limited yield, which we cultivate in an old, more than 70 year old vineyard with Alberello cultivation. The cultivation of these vineyards is still done manually, according to the old traditions.

  • Maccone Spumante Bianco Brut

    Our sparkling wine is produced according to an old rural tradition. The grapes are hand-picked and selected by experienced farmers. After a gentle pressing, the must begins to ferment with its natural yeasts and sugars in tanks and continues in the bottle. The bottles are left to rest in the underground cellars. Then comes the remuage of the bottles and the dégorgement. Maccone Spumante Bianco Brut is unfiltered. We recommend slow decanting to remove any natural deposits.